Leora Gonzales

Author of Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

Warriors of Phaeton: Finch

Finch is finally here!

I'll say it a bit louder for those in the back, FINCH IS HERE!!!!!

i know that everyone has been incredibly patient while I've been trying to get him published and I appreciate every single one of my readers. Warriors of Phaeton: Finch will be released on March 17 on amazon with other retailers and print copies available shortly after that date. Finch will be joining Wheaton, Rodin and Tamin, and also Dathrow in print along with their new covers. They look so amazing in print and I'm hoping you love the way they turned out just as much as I have.

March is going to be a busy month.... there is a Goodreads giveaway that started today for Simmering Heat. You can follow this link  and enter to win a copy of Simmering Heat.


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