Leora Gonzales

Author of Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

Where has the year gone?!

No seriously...where the hell has the year gone?

So many things happened this year...Phaetons were self pubbed, Melting Snow is getting turned into a series by Kensington/Lyrical and I FINALLY have Finch edited and getting wrapped up.

Here are the details that I have right now...

Melting snow releases on 11/21!!!!  If you've already purchased it, then there is nothing new that you haven't seen. There have been no content changes but it did get a new cover via my publisher. Melting Snow will be book #1 in the Braving The Heat series which is loosely based off of one of my favorite places. In the book, my version of Lawrence, Kansas is named Larryville and you will see some similarities between the two towns if you've ever been there. (and I totally recommend going because they have amazing food, beer and people)  

After the new year, book 2 titled Simmering Heat will be released followed by Taming Fire. There is a fourth book contracted but so far it is untitled. As of right now it is only a  four book series but I hope (fingers crossed) that you will fall in love with my Larryville firefighters enough to prompt more.

Now onto Finch.... I know that many of you have been waiting patiently (and not so patiently) for him to be done. Well, it took a lot of work and now that editing is done, we have only a few minor details to get completed. I am getting his cover art started this week and also decided to give a face lift to Bridal Pact, Bridal Bonds, and Warriors of Phaeton: Dathrow while I'm at it. I also managed to complete the next three synopsis and you will meet Zane's intended bride and her new match, Hix and Axis. (all of which appear in Finch)

I will send out a newsletter once Finch is ready and I have links available as well as some details on a new FB drawing that will coincide with his release.


About Leora Gonzales

I am an original Kansas girl who misses the Sunflower State every day. I spend my time reading and writing while making sure my two kids (and alarmingly accident-prone husband!) don’t kill themselves or each other. My addictions include: tattoos, cursing, good food, and good company, though not necessarily in that order. I believe that tough moments in life can be combated with good humor so I find a reason to laugh or smile daily.

Naked Truths

I have...

  • 15 tattoos
  • 2 rescue dogs
  • intense hatred for any team that beats the Royals (go Kansas Cityyyy!)
  • allergies to over 200 naturally occurring substances indigenous to Earth. (Beam me up, Phaetons!)
  • an addiction to cleaning and cleaning products
  • a crazy Mexican father who I can mimic perfectly
  • an awesome marriage of 14 years (we've been together for 15) to a man I adore and who worships the quicksand I walk on
  • a happy life I wouldn't trade for the world (but maybe for Johnny Depp! ;))