Leora Gonzales

Author of Erotic Romance

Warriors of Phaeton: Hix

altNew Phaeton Warrior!

The gal with the worst luck in the world...
Maggie never had any intention of getting mixed up with the Bridal Pact, the Phaeton's, or all the crap that came with volunteering for the government's mail-order bride program. She was perfectly content inside her little bubble. She had her handmade jewelry business and her beloved rescue dog, and she was the honorary auntie to the cutest kid in existence. There is no way she was about to rock the boat by getting involved in any Phaeton business. None whatsoever.
Unfortunately, the Verge didn't get that memo. Thinking she knows more than she actually does about the recent attack on the Bridal Pact’s Intake Center, they took it upon themselves to tie her up as one of their loose ends.  Literally. A glaring testament to her rotten luck.
A warrior who only wanted to right his wrongs....
Hix, a newly christened Verge warrior, realized he made a mistake the minute he left his Phaeton brothers behind when he defected. With regrets heavy in his chest, he tries to make the best of a bad situation while struggling with his new identity. Plans change, however, when he’s tricked into participating into the abduction of an innocent human female.
Enthralled with the raspy-voiced captive, Hix knows that he will do anything to keep her safe. Working to save not only themselves, but others, Hix and Maggie are unable to deny the chemistry between them.
As a firm believer in fate, Hix knows that they are exactly where they are supposed to he must convince his future bride that she belongs with him.

Trigger Warning: This book contains the abuse and death of a pet dog. Although I tried to minimize the scene as much possible for my readers, the content may be too much for some. Please be advised.

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About Leora Gonzales

I am an original Kansas girl who misses the Sunflower State every day. I spend my time reading and writing while making sure my two kids (and alarmingly accident-prone husband!) don’t kill themselves or each other. My addictions include: tattoos, cursing, good food, and good company, though not necessarily in that order. I believe that tough moments in life can be combated with good humor so I find a reason to laugh or smile daily.

Naked Truths

I have...

  • 15 tattoos
  • 2 rescue dogs
  • intense hatred for any team that beats the Royals (go Kansas Cityyyy!)
  • allergies to over 200 naturally occurring substances indigenous to Earth. (Beam me up, Phaetons!)
  • an addiction to cleaning and cleaning products
  • a crazy Mexican father who I can mimic perfectly
  • an awesome marriage of 14 years (we've been together for 15) to a man I adore and who worships the quicksand I walk on
  • a happy life I wouldn't trade for the world (but maybe for Johnny Depp! ;))